At the time of Mid Europa’s investment, Calucem was one of the leading suppliers of specialty cement with a production base in Croatia.

Calucem 710 X 240

Country: Croatia
Industry: Basic Industry - Specialty Cement
Investment Date: June 2006
Exit Date: September 2010
Fund: Fund II

Acquired in June 2006 from Heidelberg Cement AG, Calucem, previously known as Heidelberger Calcium Aluminates, is one of the leading suppliers of calcium aluminate cement, supplying high quality and specialty cement to both the refractory and building chemistry industries. Calucem products include low and medium grade alumina cement and clinker.

Calucem Group companies included Istra Cement d.o.o., a production facility based in Croatia, as well sales offices in Germany, the United States and Singapore.

In 2010, Mid Europa sold the operational assets of the Company to ARGUS Capital Partners.