The Mid Europa team was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the global emerging markets investment firm, EMP Global, to lead the origination and execution of the AIG Emerging Europe Infrastructure Fund. This was a US$550 million fund targeting private equity investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

In early 2005, following the successful deployment of that fund, the team completed a management buy-out and formed Mid Europa as an independent firm, owned and managed by its Partners. Since the buy-out, we have raised three institutional private equity funds targeting the region, Emerging Europe Convergence Fund II, L.P., Mid Europa Fund III LP and Mid Europa Fund IV.

Fund I

  • Name: AIG Emerging Europe Infrastructure Fund
  • Established: September 1999
  • Capitalisation: US$550 million
  • Term: Ten years
  • Status: Fully exited, 11 investments 

Fund II

  • Name: Emerging Europe Convergence Fund II, L.P.
  • Established: August 2005
  • Capitalisation: €655 million
  • Term: Ten years
  • Status: Fully exited, 7 investments

Fund III

  • Name: Mid Europa Fund III LP
  • Established: August 2007
  • Capitalisation: €1.5 billion
  • Term: Ten years
  • Status: Closed for new investments, 12 investments

Fund IV

  • Name: Mid Europa Fund IV
  • Established: January 2014
  • Capitalisation: €800 million
  • Term: Ten years
  • Status: Currently investing